Home and Office 2019

Microsoft is the leading company for computer tools and software making like simple. The same is the condition with its application home and student 2019. This is the leading application toolkit and the best-selling toolkit till today. This includes Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Outlook-like software tools. These help students to make their lecture presentations and with concern to the higher education, they are necessary. As we compare this toolkit with the others, the performance and work experience is great with the home & student 2019 package. And compared to the price ranges of the toolkits like this office makes us happy in this also. So no need to think more about it. Let’s purchase this and install it on our Pc to increase the official performance.

Pre-Installation Process:

Purchasing of the Office toolkit from Microsoft store

  • For purchasing the setup lets visit the official website store by searching its URL on Pc browser.
  • Here on this website, you need to create an account first.

Creating the Microsoft account

  • Already we are on the website now.
  • Click on the account creation symbol located in the right upper corner.
  • Then you will see a create one link in the center of the window screen. Click on it.
  • Here you need to understand the seriousness of the account creation.
  • Every information provided by us must be valid as Microsoft keeps it safe so no need to give invalid information.
  • With the same flow complete the verification process as tested by the Microsoft home & student 2019.

Continue the purchase

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Then search for the pack called home and student 2019.
  • Click on the buy now button of this product.
  • Enter the card details or pay online.
  • You will receive the purchase email on the email address given during the time of creating the account.
  • The email will consist of 20 digit product key which is used once so don’t share it with anyone. home and student 2019

Downloading the home student 2019 package

  • Microsoft provides the download link of the software of office in the email with the product key.
  • You can use this link or simply type and click enter.
  • On this website, you need to sign in using the sign-in information like an email address or mobile number with a password.
  • Then enter the Product key i.e. 20 digits without any mistake or change in the key.
  • After this click on the continue button and the browser window changes and take you to the store to download the application.
  • This process takes place with the help of a product key i.e. the office gives the setup of the software as per the product key.
  • After the product appears, click on the product.
  • Then click on the Install button.
  • Now select operating system as windows as an home and student 2019 can be only installed on windows.
  • A small file around 3-5 MB will start downloading.
  • Make sure the stability of the internet connection.
  • This was downloading method of office.

Installing the Home and Student  2019 application

  1. First, make sure that none of the other software of the same toolkit is installed on your Pc.
  2. If there then first uninstall it by visiting the control panel.
  3. Then double click on the downloaded software as well as press the yes button of system installation permission asked.
  4. This opens the software installer and various options like Install, Repair, and Uninstall options.
  5. Now click on the install option or you can uninstall the previous one by clicking on the uninstall button.
  6. Then enter the product key in proper format as it appears on the email.
  7. Now select the checkbox that confirms the agreement of the office software on your Pc.
  8. Then click on the install button and the process starts.
  9. It takes a small amount of time to fully complete this step.
  10. After some time the Pc restarts and all the tools present in the home student 2019 appears in the windows application center.